March 16, 2012

*read this post in British accent*
Hello earthlings. How are you guys doing? It's been a while huh? I know I know. Well it's great to know that I'm still pretty much alive. I'm on my school holidays now. Good time to procrastinate. Good time. There's nothing much going on with my life. Same routine every single day. Wake up, survive, and go back to sleep. You want to know why I asked you to read this post in British accent? It's because I've been watching Harry Potter for 2 days straight. Yep. Basically I'm watching Daniel Radcliffe growing up. That's kinda awkward. But Ron's my favourite. So back off peeps. :D

HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD ABOUT THE HUMMINGBIRDS? YOU HAVE NOT? YOU BETTER DO! Okay, The Hummingbirds is a band. Of course. I knew them because Wayne Rooney tweeted about the band. I checked them out and THEY WERE FREAKING AWESOME! Please, have a listen to some of their songs. Satisfaction guaranteed unless you're a heavy metal lover. :D But please, do so. Here's the link :)

Got a football match to watch. See ya later! Bye peeps! :)