May 28, 2012

People tend to say things without thinking about them first. Someone will get hurt. When the damaged has been done, there's nothing that person could do.

It's 4 am in the morning. I just finished watching Revenge. It took me 3 days to finish the whole episodes. I'm lifeless. It's holiday by the way, so what the heck. Oh, did I mention I was falling for a 40 year old man? He's 40 but he looks 20ish. Seriously, if you see him, you wouldn't believe he's actually 40. Who's the man I'm talking about? He's Gabriel Mann. :)

I have this extra classes thingy at my school and I need to attend them. Seriously teachers, extra classes on a freaking holiday? That's just not cool. See how lifeless I am. I just have to keep waiting for a few months and freedom will be mine. Soon. Once I stepped out of the school, I'm gonna miss it. Too many memories. Some were bitter and some were sweet. I'm gonna be one of the proud Ibrahimians. Finis Coronat Opus. :)

Obviously, I'm rambling. So, au revoir. :)