December 5, 2012

SPM is finally over and look, it's December again. How time flies. Since I'm done with high school, there'll be plenty of time for me to do some stuff. Maybe find a part-time job or just lying around the house. I prefer the second choice but at the same time I want to have some cash. So, go figure yourself.

My expectation after spm...

When the reality is...

So yeah, you get the idea now. I am out of my mind. By that I mean, bored. I am bored. Like seriously. I don't even know what to do for 3 freaking months. What I have been doing lately are,

- Sleeping
- Eating
- Surviving
- And we're back to the first one

Okay, enough of whining. I'm going to have a life. For real. See ya.

Haven't you heard, Manchester City are now out of Champions League AND Europa League.