February 16, 2013

It's 2:35 am, everyone has gone to sleep but I'm in my room streaming my guitar like there's no tomorrow. I haven't played in ages. My fingertips hurt. :( I have always wanted to be good at playing guitar but, same old story, I just suck at EVERYTHING. It is sad knowing you don't get the chance to at least be good at something. Sigh. Well, the truth is I'm just lazy. Too lazy to even pick up my guitar and learn. So yeah, I will never be a guitarist.

This is the song that I attempt to play. Brand New Shoes by She & Him. The chords aren't that hard, yet I'm still crawling to play the song perfectly. :(

Oh, I love Zooey. She's perfect. So perfect like a 90 minutes of football match without fouls. Love her. :)