December 28, 2012

Do you know what is my worst nightmare? There's a slight chance of me becoming an overly-attached girlfriend. Run, now. Scream if you must. But this is the reality. I can't hide from it. I told myself everyday, "Don't be clingy." Truth is, I lied to myself. You know that your heart and brain don't work as a team. They totally disagree with each other. My scumbag brain makes me believe that I cannot be a clingy girl there's no way I can be such a girl but somehow my heart tells otherwise. So, which team do I have to pick? Neither I guess. They suck.

I tend to say things that I don't really mean to say them. People always get me wrong.

Me: Hey look I have a new car now.
Somebody: Holy cow you bought a car? How much did you spend?

Okay, that. I have a car, but that doesn't mean I bought it. Right? (I hope you're still with me) Yeah that was a bad example, I couldn't think of something else. But look, the situation can get a lot worse. That's when you decide to take back whatever you say. Even an explanation doesn't gonna help you. Maybe it's God's way of telling me to shut up. Everything I do or say, the outcomes would always be different from what I thought they could be. Life's hard. Embrace it. Oh and good luck.