January 15, 2013

I sounded so bitter in last post. Oh well the hormones were kicking in. That was when I decided to write a post. What a bad timing. Don't judge. Blame the hormones. Ok? :)

It's 15th of January. My best friend's birthday, Fatin. If you came across this, I would like to wish a Happy 18th Birthday! May Allah bless you always, love. You're already eighteen. I just turned 17 last month. :( But, you're old. Hihi. I love you, Fatin. :)

Anyways, there's nothing much to tell here. My life is static and stagnant. It's like an empty and rusty canister that nobody notices or cares about it but it's there. Always there. Now that is sad. Whatever.

Picture of the day...

I love flares. :)